Saturday, January 13, 2007

I think that I had to much to drink yesterday or maybe it was "lagom". What is really lagom and what does it mean? (You should never start thinking about these dilemmas the day after a girls-night-out party.) If you try to translate lagom to English it will be "just right" or "exactly enough, not too much nor too little." I read an interesting discussion on the topic "Useful words that don't exist in other languages". Read it here if you are interested. Many people think that "lagom" is such a word - that don't exist in other languages - I have no idea if that's correct or not. If you like lagom you can start using it in any language, pronunciation is easy - just listen here

Problem with i18n
I want my application to be i18n enabled. So, in my project directory I ran: make-messages -l nl. Before this I created the conf/locale directory in projectdirectory. This all worked just fine. Compilation also worked fine. In my settings file I have put: LANGUAGE_CODE = "nl" LANGUAGES = ( ('en', _('English')),

The Language of Music Has No Barriers on is an online e-commerce site specializing in distinctive ethnic music from around the world. From India and Europe to the Far East, its unique artists span the globe and offer the best international selection at incredible value. (PRWEB Aug 2, 2006) Trackback URI:

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Use Google translator service (language tools) as a proxy to bypass the restricted sites! for e.g. gproxy|en&u=%s

Questionnaire module in Moodle 1.6
by Jos Winkel.  This week my site has migrated form 1.5.3 to 1.6. Now I have some questions about the Questionnaire module: 1. Do I need to install special files for this module under Moodle 1.6? 2. At some places the language translation does seem to work (I'm using dutch, nl) but at other places it doesn't. At those places there are things like [pageof] and other not-translated variables. Can anyone help me and give general advise for using this module (I like it very much and it has been very helpful for my organization!) in Moodle 1.6? Thanks! Jos

Language School Abroad Program Introduced by Working Abroad
Applications Being Accepted for Language Schools in Costa Rica, France, Italy, Mexico, Peru and Spain. Programs include classes, housing, meals, cultural programs and social activities. Langauge classes are available in Spanish, French and Italian. (PRWEB Sep 19, 2006) Trackback URI:

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girl with a pearl earing en la stanza del figlio
girl with a pearl earing en la stanza del figliotwee quality films nieuw en geseald
[automatisch geplaatst via]Prijs : Bieden

KENNY MILLER didn't sound like a player short on self-belief and his body language didn't suggest a striker short on confidence as he determinedly geared up to exorcise his Parkhead curse against the Faroes.

"URL Blacklists in MT: An OO Approach" by Language

Fortiva Becomes First Email Archiving Solution Provider to Guarantee Search Performance
Search time assurance is introduced along with a series of product enhancements including support for Bloomberg Mail and foreign languages. (PRWEB Jun 20, 2006) Trackback URL:

Fitness Vakdagen
Fitness VakdagenUtrecht, NetherlandsFriday, October 13, 2006, All

Case en language pda
Case en language pdasearch results
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Soccer School Europe - International
EduKick Soccer Resident Schools in Italy, England and Spain provide unique international soccer development training and language immersion options for committed soccer young players from 14 to 24 years of age. (PRWEB Sep 9, 2006) Trackback URL:

Duncan is NL's top rookie for August
Duncan is NL's top rookie for August

Griffith Laboratories Expands Web Site to Include Additional Languages
Griffith Laboratories Worldwide, Inc. expanded its global Web site today,, to include six additional languages. The Griffith Web site is now offered in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, and Thai. Founded in 1919, Griffith is a key player in the worldwide food ingredient industry. As global Food Architects, Griffith creates and manufactures custom-designed taste and texture ingredients for the food industry worldwide. (PRWEB Sep 21, 2006) Trackback URI:

Baby Sign Language
Baby Sign Language


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