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The En Language Lift Scissor Table
The En Language Lift Scissor Table Resource Page, and review here" /

KMultiLanguage (site license)
KMultiLanguage (site license) Free Download

Junior Web Programmer (Ottawa/Gatineau)
NOVA LOGIX - IT SERVICES POSITION: Junior Web Programmer REFERENCE NUMBER: NL-OE-1052 CLOSING DATE: September 8, 2006 STARTING DATE: A.S.A.P. DURATION: Indefinite (possibility of permanent position) LOCATION: Gatineau SALARY: According to experience - paid every 2 weeks SECURITY CLEARANCE: NA LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: English and French
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A New Community of Blog Surfers has Arrived
A new website, Monster Blog Sack ( has been released this month. What’s unique about this website is the toolbar for the Mozilla FireFox browser. You can choose which languages you speak and categories that interest you and simply click on the “Surf the Sack!” toolbar button to randomly surf blogs that you're interested in. (PRWEB Aug 30, 2006) Trackback URL:

I've been doing a lot for my study, since I study Artificial Intelligence i use the language Prolog a lot. Too bad there arent any GTK+ bindings yet for it. Well, wouldnt be usefull anyway, i think ;-) As of yesterday i have taken over the coordination of the Dutch GNOME translation team, gnome-nl. The (new) web page is here.


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Voordeelkasten Dé nieuwe norm in Online-Schuifdeurkasten op Maat. De website is een nieuwe tak van de, en biedt vele extra`s

Club en forum voor kaartjes

Re: Is there now only one local language pack allowed?
by koen roggemans.  Hi Michael, try this: as site language you take en_hsu and you call it en_hsu_utf8 the other language packs, you call e.g. en_hsucosmos_utf8 and en _hsusports_utf8 and you add in each langconfig.php of those two language packs (or in moodle.php of them) the line $string[parentlanguage] = en_hsu_utf8; en_utf8 will automatically be the default to resolve all strings not in your language packs, so no actions to take for that For more details, please see the information on custom language packs in the Upgrading to Moodle 1.6 documentation . You can find that by following this link:

Do You Speak "Socceranto"? Soccer Gets Its Own International Language
The 32 countries competing in the World Cup share 18 official languages between them. So, how are players and officials meant to communicate? The answer is for soccer to adopt a shared international language. So argue the inventors of just such a language, in a book titled “Socceranto: Birth Of A Language”, which lists words, phrases and principles of the new language--available through ( (PRWEB Jun 14, 2006) Trackback URI:

Voordeel kasten Dé nieuwe norm in Online-Schuifdeurkasten op Maat. De website is een nieuwe tak van de, en biedt vele extra`s

NL leaders


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